Monochrome Ashes

  • Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2024

Stage: In Process

This project transformed a newly built apartment in Yerevan, Armenia, into a haven of modern minimalism with a touch of warmth. The clients desired a space that balanced clean lines and functionality with a sense of comfort. So, we made their desires into reality.
Drawing inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic, the design primarily uses a gray color palette. The space incorporates decorative wall paint, concrete and stone textures, and relief surfaces to avoid monotony. Warm lighting with padded ceilings further adds a touch of inviting comfort.
The master bedroom is specially made for a serene retreat designed for rest and relaxation. Soft hues of gray create a tranquil ambiance, while plush textiles and cozy furnishings invite residents to unwind comfortably. The sleek bed takes center stage, complemented by minimalist décor and ample hanging storage solutions for a clutter-free environment.

The children's room flips the script, embracing a whimsical beige wonderland. Fluffy animal friends abound, creating a cuddly atmosphere. Storage integrates seamlessly, with shelves and ottomans keeping toys organized in style. Playful lighting adds a touch of magic to this enchanting space, where little imaginations can soar.
Moving on to the bathroom, it continues the functionality theme with a sophisticated palette of black, gray, and beige wood, offering a touch of spa-like luxury.

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