• Location: Novogorsk, Moscow, Russia
  • Year: 2024

Stage: In Process

We present "Mangrove," a residential project that transcends the ordinary. It invites you to experience a living space that stirs the soul.
The name might surprise you at first. Yet, as you step into the living room, a subtle connection unfolds. The warmth of natural stone and rich wood evoke the essence of mangrove forests. Hints of green, woven throughout the design, breathe life into the space, creating a refreshing harmony.

The living room's statement piece is the captivating golden chandelier. Its cascading form resembles lianas (vines) found in mangrove ecosystems. This unique lighting solution not only adds a touch of luxury but also serves as a beautiful visual that reinforces the project's intriguing theme.
The feeling of openness extends beyond the light-filled interior. The living room seamlessly connects with the kitchen, creating a light and airy feel. This open floor plan fosters a sense of togetherness and is ideal for entertaining. A perfect haven for creating cherished memories with loved ones.
While the foundation rests on the timeless beauty of neoclassical design, "Mangrove" embraces the present. Modern touches weave seamlessly throughout the space, creating a living environment that feels both elegant and undeniably contemporary. The carefully curated furniture arrangement invites you to sink in, relax, and connect with those who matter most.
Mangrove is more than a residence; it's an experience. It's where luxury unfolds in perfect harmony with nature's embrace, creating a haven that nourishes the soul.

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