• Location: Northern California, USA
  • Year: 2021
“The Cali Industrial” is a clash of urban modernism and industrial breath.

Located in the Northern part of California, the house is designed to stand out, while colliding with the climate & environment of the area.
It seems like the house has absorbed the ocean breeze and the fir-needle to offer such a fresh blend. It is distinctive, a little bit wild, yet capable of creating desires of owning it in a glimpse of a second.
When projecting this house, we dug deep into the lifestyle of the future owners. They turned out to be people of courage - and so their house needed to correspond. From the very beginning, we gave ourselves a clear goal: build something people couldn’t help looking at. That is the reason behind the choices of materials, color, shapes, and even exterior decor elements like this contemporary statue right in front of the house.
The key idea of the concept has been - and is - to achieve a symphony with the surrounding nature. The floor-to-ceiling windows all over the architecture, for instance, give an opportunity of unifying with the woods whatever you do inside. Are you busy making yourself a coffee, watching TV, or enjoying dinner with friends? You feel the presence of nature: it invades into your mind and territory.
The metal used in the construction of the building is a reasonable choice indeed. We retrieve metal from the Earth: it contains natural energy.

Unusual? Yes. This house is a crop of a collision of everlasting nature existing on Earth with industrial tendencies crafted by humanity.
  • Architecture