VD House

  • Location: Vayots Dzor Province, Armenia
  • Year: 2021
The house is located right in nature, far from the urban chaos. So we decided not to disturb the harmony, designing a place to continue the surrounding nature. 
With this in mind, we used floor-to-ceiling windows to reflect the view.  They offer transparency and provide privacy at the same time.

The remaining materials we used in the exterior are of natural origin: metal, wood, and stone are mined from soil - they are part of our planet.  So, the roof, walls, and other construction elements blend in just right.   It seems like the house has been created by mother earth herself.
The area is only 60sq meters, which is somewhat restrictive.  Yet, we fitted a living room, a kitchen, and two bedrooms.  There's even a small terrace and a pool for the hot summer days.
  • Architecture