• Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Year: 2020
Good architecture doesn't take a genius; it takes passion, dedication, and some creativity. This house is a bright representation of such a compound!

This detached house is located in one of the suburbs of Moscow. Naturally, the owners wanted a space to get rest from the urban "noise." Being big fans of all things minimal, the family asked for a moderate and peaceful house. "We don't like when a house looks like a castle. Both the exterior & the interior should induce comfort; otherwise, it makes your living harder"- they said. And we went ahead creating a modern, yet comfortable, and yet a chique house.
One of the key components of this design alchemy is the window solution: a floor-to-ceiling window is always a good idea.

Asymmetrical but restrained, the house conveys calmness and resilience and is an excellent choice for people who prefer a peaceful environment rather than a lively and noisy place.

  • Architecture