• Location: California, USA
  • Year: 2023
This is the 2nd floor of the previous project, "Modern Natural Interior." Here, we've placed the bedrooms of the family members. The hallway is designed with the veneered MDF.
For the Master Bedroom, we have used stone imitation for the accentuation. Keeping the curved style of the first floor, such forms also give the interior a more serene look. The room has a separate bathroom and a walk-in closet made in modern style. 
The second bedroom is for the eldest son. The room represents the owner's personality, so because of his special request, it is designed in dark hues. Here, the accent is the ochre brown-colored back of the bed and the armchair placed beside it. The room also has a walk-in closet, separated from the sleeping area, with louvers and sliding doors. 
For the third bedroom, we have used a lot of light colors and natural materials to bring more comfort and relaxation at the end of the day.
While designing the fourth bedroom, we have also enhanced natural materials. Here, the accentuated elements are the wooden wall elements and pastel hues.

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