Apartment #38

  • Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2019


For this apartment, we aimed to create warmth through the use of cold materials. A modern apartment with a mix of Scandinavian wood is a perfect bundle for relief. White marble, white tile, and fine wood are not warm by nature, but they create an extremely comfortable space when represented the right way. The rigor and profundity of this apartment catches your breath and aches to be owned.
In this apartment, gray tones and white walls complement the harmony of simplicity and minimalism. Here, you can segregate yourself from society and stay with the house or your family alone.


Futuris Architects realised an apartment in Yerevan, Armenia that offers both comfort and calmness with a clash of warm Scandinavian and the cold modern styles.

“ Apartment #38 is called so because it is exactly the 38th apartment that Futuris Architects has designed. It is also one of its favorites! This apartment was designed for a family of three basing it on their interests and views”.


G&G _ Magazine has completed a sophisticated selection of all Interior & Architecture 2020 projects published on the platform this year, identifying the Best 33.

27. Home by EYRC Architects / Los Angeles, CA, USA


A clash of cold marble and warm wooden elements, the whole interior offers calmness and coziness. It has both seducing comfort and discipline. Apartment #38 is called so because it is exactly the 38th apartment we have designed.

One of the important components of this design is the minimalistic breath, which is built on the pillars of a carefully chosen color range and a minimal quantity of furniture. We designed this apartment for a family of three, so it was important to take into account their interests and views.

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