The Nest

  • Location: Novogorsk, Moscow, Russia
  • Year: 2024

Stage: In Process

This design prioritizes tranquility, aiming to create a haven of relaxation. A calming white color washes the walls, mimicking the boundless horizon and infusing the space with serenity. White ceilings and trim complement the blue, while natural light bathes the room.

The adjoining bathroom continues the theme of tranquility established in the bedroom. Natural materials reign supreme, echoing the organic feel of the bedroom's wood finishes and indoor plants. Stone tiles likely cover the floors and perhaps even the shower walls, creating a sense of spa-like luxury. Pops of greenery from strategically placed indoor plants add a touch of life and further blur the lines between the indoors and the natural world.
The overall effect is a bathroom that perfectly complements the serenity of the bedroom, a place where one can truly unwind and recapture the peacefulness of a clear horizon.

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