Taupe Home

  • Location: California, USA
  • Year: 2023

Stage: In Process

Modern Yet Timeless, Warm Yet Inviting, Grounded Yet Elegant - These Are All The Emotions That Raging While Looking Through This Project.
This Interior Design, Or Should I Just Say Home, Is Designed For A Small Family Looking For A Special Haven To Get Away From The Dull City Center.
Decorative Elements Like The Custom-Made Lamp Hanging From The Ceiling Bring A Special Edge To This Living Area. Color Combinations, Textures, And Furnishing Selection: The House Itself Speaks The Landlords' Language.
"Taupe Home" holds a unique secret beyond its sophistication. Tucked away beneath the staircase in front of the kitchen lies a hidden gem – a verdant jungle․ Imagine the delight of whipping up your morning coffee while gazing upon a lush greenery, unburdened by the whims of weather or season. 
Fully minimalistic masters bedroom:
Second bedroom:

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