• Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2019
  • Stage: Comleted
  • Category: Restaurant
  • Client: Famille Group

The idea behind the restaurant was to represent a clash of the different cultures the royal marine sailor James Cook got to see during his numerous voyages.

Mr. James Cook was indeed an extraordinary individual, thus naming a restaurant after him binds for an extraordinary design. In only 79 square meters, we created a kaleidoscope of different cultures, moods, and styles.

Ever since the Armenian restaurant chain Famille Group came up with their new project, our company knew it would be an outstanding design. The restaurant's background idea was to represent a collision of the different cultures that the royal marine sailor James Cook had seen during his various voyages.

Located in Yerevan's bustling area, the restaurant offers an unconventional experience: a tremendous diversity, which never comprised a composition like this before.

Here are the crucial components of the interior design soup we cooked: natural materials, a sexy dark-ish environment, and incompatible details that ended up contributing to a new style.

The restaurant interior is rich with tropical plants: everywhere you look, green, the color of nature and adventures grasps your attention. This prevalence of green is then masterly extracted on the ceiling. Made of gypsum, these Rococo-style pieces have been specifically designed and handcrafted for J Cook: they carry the breath of the times within them.

Rush chairs here chord with velvet-based burgundy sofas that offer comfort and slight intimacy. Then, we played with the lights: different lamps represent different eras, without confusion. The soft, warm light slightly glimmers, intensifies the atmosphere of the place.

In only 79 square meters, we generated a kaleidoscope of different cultures, aspirations, and styles.


Indigo Branding Agency surpassed any boundaries in the creation of the brand identity and elements for J. Cook.