• Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2020
  • Stage: Comleted
  • Category: Children Cafe
  • Client: Children’s Factory


Children's factory is an unusual space where your children can have a fun time and feel the presence of magic around. Before designing the interior design for this spot, we have done our best to get a blend where both children and their parents can feel happiness and relief.

The initial concept was creating a little "city" with five different locations: a farm, factory, "LOL" room, playing room, and a supermarket. Each room has a distinct design and theme. Most importantly, it was vital for the overall concept to seem like a real city; everything seemed realistic, from wall decorations to the toys.

For the project to be flawless, our primary focus was to combine various elements to receive a bright spot where every child can spend quality time.

Regarding the colors, our team decided to implement calm and comforting colors, mainly pastel tones.

Besides child entertainment, we designed a spot for parents to spend time with a cup of coffee while their child is enjoying their time. By combining parents' comfort and childs' entertainment, Children's Factory became the favorite place for both of them.