Dili Town

  • Location: Dilijan, Armenia
  • Year: 2023
Right from the first steps into this masterpiece, this resort speaks about relaxation and comfort. Natural elements and topical vibes whisk you from the daily routine, letting you fully relax. DiliTown's made for each personality to find their haven, regardless of age or passions.
Inside is a restaurant, which can be a perfect place to enjoy delicious meals with family members and reflect on the unforgettable experience you've had throughout the day.
Even the restrooms are very detailed thought out.
There are two conference halls, where every creative idea can turn into reality within few seconds.

We have also designed this ethereal pool and spa zone for our the Dili Town project.
And, surely, the best part about it all, while you rest and relax, children have fun at the kids zone.

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