• Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2023
Keeping the tradition of the FA Convention alive, this year, it got the title “Learning by Sharing Experiences.” The event occurred on October 14th in the Marriott Yerevan Hotel. The main goal of the annual convention is to make Armenia one of the cradles of design and architecture.

In the aspects of FA Convention 23’ international professionals flew their way to Armenia for their speeches` the author and creator of the “Designer’s Diaries” blog Mikhail Shaposhnikov, the co-founders of Zrobim Architects Andrus Bezdar and Alexey Korablyov, the director of Line Architects Dmitri Petrof. Armenian Studios also had a big impact on the convention. Besides the Futuris Architect's CEO Hovnan Shahbazyan and Art Director Ofelya Vardanyan, the co-founders of Storaket Architectural Studio Meruzhan Minassian and Narbeh Bedrossian and the co-founder of the Archangel Architectural Studio Artak Knyazyan also charmed with their performances.

We went through this exciting journey with many interesting companies, hoping to keep them as a long-lasting and strong partnership.

The main sponsors of FA Convention 23’ were Bomond, a store specializing in tile and sanitary ceramics, Berg Construction, a construction and interior design company, Ador Factory, a premium and luxury entry and interior door manufacturer.

The sponsors of this initiative were Madera, Wall Deco, Comodo, Valan Prof, Decca, Green Tec, and Mood Decor. The event was realized with the help of Coffee House and Zeel Project.

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