• Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Year: 2023

Stage: In Process

This space is bathed in natural light, streaming through extensive windows and bouncing off neutral-toned walls that serve as the perfect blank canvas for your vision. Polished concrete floors add a touch of industrial chic, while pops of greenery infuse the space with life. Each element, from the sleek furniture to the curated selection of textures and props, complements the overall minimalist aesthetic, ensuring your photos take center stage without visual clutter.
With this project, we aimed to design a space where each element is movable, adjustable and functional to use in different scenarios and storylines. So, just one space can tell a million stories. 
Imagine all the possibilities – the beachy area for product shoots, glass blocks as a backdrop for moody portraits, or a tropical corner for fashion editorials. Here, the only limit is your imagination.
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